Selection objectives for Stonehill Romney Stud

Structurally sound

Correct teeth feet and teat placement

Moderate frame deep bodied sheep with longevity

Mature weight of 60-70kg


Only ewe lambs born and reared as a twin are selected

Shearlings must scan twins

Ewes are permitted to have two singles in their life time

Scanned triplets ewes are demoted to the B flock

We aim for 70% twinning

Maintain good body condition score

The ewe is required to have a BCS of 3 with only a variant of 0.5 throughout the season

Mothering ability

All ewes are lambed outside on pasture in a range of stocking density.

The ewe must be capable of lambing and rearing her twins unassisted (she must be able to count!)

Good ewe efficiency

Weaning between 80 to 100 days post lambing the combined weight of the lambs should equal the ewe's tupping weight (65kg at tupping wean weight of lambs 66kg ewe efficiency 101%).

High resistance/resilience to parasites

We are working very hard to reduce our reliance on anthelmintic

Mature sheep are not wormed

We monitor daily live weight gain and routinely faecal egg count

Only lambs not achieving target DLWG are treated with anthelmintics

Good converter of forage

We graze a wide variety of forage and forage quality from poor environmenta; stewardship grazing to red clover and plantain swords.  Fodder beet and stubble turnips for over-wintering ewes.

The Stonehill Romney transitions well between the different crops with good utilisation.

Well mannered

When working with large numbers it is imperative the flock move freely and adapt to their environment without stress.

Ram lambs

Ram lambs are selected from the top 5% of ewes with actual figures of the above performance.

Then ram lambs are run in a highly commercial environment for further selection pressure.


We have totally embraced electronic identification, enabling us to collect vast numbers of individual breeding characteristics, resulting from its interaction within the commercial environment, breeding a more sustainable sheep.